Rooms overlooking the Moselle

Main dishes are freshly prepared and served with chips or fried potatoes and a fresh salad


Motorcyclists welcome

Regional dishes with a Dutch twist

boat tour

Regional cheeses on our 'Käseteller'







Prices are for your convenience converted into Pound Sterling at the currency rate on April 19, 2010. Please use these prices as an indication. Payment can only be made in Euros. Check on the German or Dutch site the prices in Euros.


serving hours: from 12.00 - 22.00 hours



Prices: range from £ 3.30 to £ 7.28

Various seasonal freshly prepared dishes

Main course

Prices: range from £ 7.72 to £ 17.20

For our little guests


Prices: range from £ 2.65 to £ 8.60

Various dishes

We welcome groups. Give us a call to make reservations and prevent long waiting hours...

Telephone (00 49) (0) 2672 1211

Fax: (00 49) (0) 2672 8910


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